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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What documentation do I need to sell my car?
  • I need to sell my car very quickly. Can you help?
  • I have outstanding finance on my car. Will you still buy it?
  • How much do you charge for your service?
  • Do you collect?
  • How will I be paid?
  • What happens if my car is not ‘as described’?
  • Can I buy a car from The Prestige Car Brokerage?
  • What type and age of cars do you buy and sell?
  • Do you buy imports and Left Hand Drive cars?

The only documentation that we absolutely require is the V5 (Registration Document). We cannot buy your car without this. The V5 must be in your name at your current address. If you have lost the V5, you can order a duplicate from the DVLA - 0300 790 6802 / All other documentation, including Service book, Handbooks, MOT, Service Invoices etc are preferred, and it may affect the value of your car if you do not have them. For Fraud prevention reasons, we will also need to take a copy of your photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport). Please note that if there is a suspicion of fraudulent activity, the Police will be informed immediately.

Yes we can. If we agree a deal, we can normally complete a deal on the same day. However, we cannot always collect at very short notice, so you may need to bring the car to our offices in Central London if timing is critical.

Yes, that is no problem. We can settle any outstanding finance agreement on your behalf. You will need to ask your finance company to email us a Settlement Letter (due to Privacy Policies we cannot do this on your behalf) and we will settle the finance by instant bank transfer prior to collection. The balance will be paid in the same way into your personal bank account. If there is ‘negative equity’ (ie. The settlement figure is more than the car’s sale price), then you will have to pay us the excess amount. This can be paid by debit or credit card.

Nothing! The figure we agree for buying your car is the amount we pay you for it. We are paid a small commission by our buyers for each car we sell them.

Under most circumstances we will collect your car from your home or work address. We will ensure that full payment is made with cleared funds before collection takes place. If you would prefer to drop the car off at our offices, that is also fine.

Normally payment will be made by an instant same day bank transfer to your bank account while a collection driver is with you, having inspected the car to make sure it is in the same condition as described. We will not expect you to release the car until the funds have cleared in your account.

The offers we make are based on the owner’s description of the condition and history of the car. This requires a certain level of trust, and in our experience works very well 99% of the time. However, if we find that the car has not been described properly (ie. there is damage to the bodywork / the tyres are worn / the interior is damaged or worn and we have not been made aware of these faults), then we will sometimes have to adjust the value we have offered accordingly. If no agreement can be made, we reserve the right to withdraw our offer and may charge a fee to cover our costs.

Yes. We mainly supply cars to trade buyers, but we do also supply cars to collectors, businesses and private individuals. If you are looking for a specific make or model, please send us details and we will let you know when we are offered a vehicle that meets your requirements. We are generally offered cars before they have reached the open market, so we may be able to give you an advantage in the search for that elusive ‘perfect spec’ car.

We specialise in buying ‘prestige’ cars, a list of which can be found on the homepage. The age of cars that we buy is generally up to 5 years old / 60k miles. However, we will consider buying any car, so please contact us with any car you feel we may be interested in. We will also consider buying Classic Cars and Modern Classics. We are particularly interested in buying older cars that have low mileage and are in particularly good condition. We will always value these cars on their merits!

Yes, we will consider buying imported vehicles and Left Hand Drive vehicles. Prices will vary from UK RHD cars but we will endeavour to offer the best prices possible.


Prestige Car Brokerage offers a unique experience of selling premium automobiles at the most competitive prices, making the process as simple, straight forward and easy as possible We are always in need of these marques in particular - please click on a logo for more information on the models we require.