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Prestige Car Brokerage

Prestige Car Brokerage has been established to give sellers of Sports, Prestige and Classic cars an opportunity to ensure they are getting a good trade price for their car if they have chosen to sell or part exchange with a Dealer.

Having worked as specialist car dealers ourselves, we have noticed that there is often a big difference between what different dealers will offer for the same car, especially for high end Sports, Prestige and Classic models. We are often asked 'What is my car worth?' and the answer is not always as simple as 'Your car is worth X'. Your car will be worth more to some dealers than others. For example if one specialises in your particular model or has a client seeking the exact same car, they may be prepared to offer significantly more than a dealer who is not familiar with that particular market. Inevitably a dealer less sure of the market will most likely err on the side of caution and make a lower offer. This is not because they are being greedy, it simply reflects the level of risk they feel they are taking. Often the figures for high end cars are very high and therefore the cost of making a mistake and getting it wrong can be very damaging to their business. There are other contributing factors to consider such as Stock Levels and Duplication of Stock that may affect a dealer's offer.

Our specialist knowledge of the market combined with our contacts within the industry allow us to quickly establish if you have received a good offer for your car or if it can be improved upon. You have nothing to lose - if we think you have already received a great offer then we will tell you so. If not, we will offer you more money!

If we make you an offer and you decide to accept it, we can collect the car from your home or office (or you can bring the car to our central London office if you prefer) at your convenience. After a brief inspection to establish the car is in the condition 'as described' in our discussions, we will make an instant funds transfer to your bank account and will only take the car once you have confirmed the money has been received.

We look forward to your enquiry.

The Prestige Car Brokerage Team

Prestige Car Brokerage offers you the unique experience of buying premium automobiles at the most competitive prices, making the buying process as simple, straight forward and easy as possible....

We specialise in matching buyers of specific vehicles (the more specific the request the better!) with sellers. In this way, both buyer and seller get a good deal, and we take a small commission in the middle.....

In this section you will find many of the questions asked by previous customers from what documentation is needed, what type and age of cars do we buy and sell to how do you get paid...